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ApRÉS-spa menu

After your Stoked and Chill session transition into the beautiful dining room of The Frontenac Club. We will be serving a Nordic-inspired menu for a chance to continue your time with us. 


choose 1 of the following food selections

Split pea soup with schinkenspeck ham.

Served with Pan Chancho Sourdough bread and whipped grainy
dijon butter.

In-house candied salmon

toasted caraway chevre, pickled carrot salad. Served with

Frontenac “fondue”

Served with a selection of bread, fresh fruit and vegetables.

choose 1 of the following beverage selections

‘Sima’: Finnish fermented lemonade

Fresh lemons, honey, prise de Mousse

Mulled wine

Our sommelier’s secret family recipe

Decadent peppermint hot chocolate

topped with fresh whipped cream

If you have any allergies or special needs, please let us know when making the
reservation. Most allergies can be accommodated when we have advance

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